Helping Ribble Valley Council

Burnside, Snodworth Road
Langho, Blackburn

31 March 2000

Dear Mr. Hewitt,

Your name was given to me by Mrs. Bailey of chipping. She said you had helped in the provision of computers for the Chipping Village Hall Project, and that you might also be able to help me.
 I am a Ribble Valley Councillor and part of my duties consist of carrying out inspection visits to the residential establishments in the Ribble Valley. It was while carrying out such an inspection at one of the childrens homes that I discovered that the children, who are already disadvantaged, are being further disadvantaged by the fact that they do not have access to computers. 
On checking accross the list of residential childrens homes in the Ribble Valley, I learn that this applies to all of them and to the residential reception centre as well. I also learnt that these children are actually receiving computer based homework, which they are therefore unable to complete.
 I decided to try to rectify this and have at this time managed to get one computer into one of the establishments. I am however having difficulty in obtaining computers of a standard which will enable the children to run educational packages including the GCSE's and the Encarta Encyclopaedia. 
These require a CDROM and a sound card, together with the ability to run Windows 95. If you can assist me in this project I would be very grateful.

Yours sincerely,
Lois Rimmer.

End note: PC Recycler has provided all equipment requested by the Councillor.