Helping Montgomery school

From PC Recycler
In order to support our Adult and Family Learners who enrol on our Beginners ICT course we at Montgomery Education Centre were looking for a way to provide opportunity for our learners to experience a PC in their own home without going to the expense of buying one. Our concern was that new learners may buy a new PC only to find they have little or no use for it in their lives. If we could lend them a computer for a short period of time they could practice the new skills they had learnt and consider whether or not investment in a new PC would be a good use of their money. In addition, we felt they would be a little more knowledgable when they went out to make that purchase of a new PC.

Initially we struggled to find the funding to purchase a bank of PCs which we could lend out. Our problems were solved when PC Recycler were able to provide us with 12 complete outfits at no cost to ourselves.

Those 12 PCs have been lent out many times over the past 3 years fulfilling their role in exactly the way we anticipated. Without the support of PC Recycler we, as an Adult and Family Learning provider, would not have been able to support our learners in the way we wished. 

Patrick Allen

Montgomery school

June 2006