Blackpool Victoria hospital radio

  • Radio victoria receives free computer from PC Recycler (Nov 06) 

  • Dear Sir\Madam, I was interested to learn about your various projects to make computing more accessible to the local community on the blackpool4me website, particularly your monthly free PC competition.

    I am writing as Chairman of radio Victoria, the Blackpool Hospitals Radio service. In common with all the other hospital radio stations around the UK, radio Victoria is run entirely by a group of dedicated volunteers, who each give up a few hours of their spare time each week to visit patients in Victoria hospital, collect their record requests, and present the programmes. We are on the air each evening, with additional daytime shows at the weekend, and our aim is to provide a uniquely personalised radio service that is both informative and entertaining for those people unlucky enough to be stuck in hospital!

    It goes without saying that the station is run on a shoestring budget. We rely on charitable donations and our own fundraising efforts to keep the station on the air and to pay for new broadcasting equipment as and when it is required. We have a computerised record library, but our present PC is a slow elderly machine that was previously thrown out by the health authority! In addition, we are exploring the possibility of installing an automated playout system in our studio which would effectively enable us to extend our hospital broadcasting to 24 hours a day, thus providing a real alternative to the other mainstream radio stations available to patients. To enable us to proceed with this idea, we would need to acquire a second PC.

    We would be delighted therefore if you would consider us a worthy recipient of one of your free computers, which we could put to very good use in either of the situations detailed above. If we are lucky enough to be chosen as a winner, we would also be more than happy to provide some on air publicity to highlight the valuable work you do. 

    Yours Faithfully 

    John Hunter