I am contactiing all the companies listed on the itforcharities website to tell you about TotalReuse. We are Community Interest Company based in Lancashire, (please visit to see who we are and what we do). We have recently started which is a website that is designed to try and get people working on the same waste streams to communicate with each other and share, skills, knowledge and experiences in an effort to find alternative uses for things we throw away.

One of the groups is computer recycling so please visit totalreuse and ask a member of staff to sign up so that we can start to get like minded individuals and organisations talking to each other working together to find solutions. Could I also ask that you send a short reply confirming you have recieved this email, thank you.

I look forward to you joining the revolution. Please feel free to forward totalreuse details to anyone else you think may be interested in developing a network within any project area.

Kind regards

Martin Gamester Chartered Member CIPD, Fellow ITOL, Fellow SSE

Director Business Development

Aljema Limited Business Solutions - Company Number 03608754
Exsel (Int) Community Interest Company - Company Number 04628632
Head Office, Gladden House, 17 Gladden Place, West Gillibrands, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 9SX

Mobile Phone: 0044 (0)7736 251 075

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